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The ANALOX O2EII Nitrox Analyzer is a very well tested product all over the world and has established itself as
"The Nitrox Analyzer" Launched in 2002 it has taken the Sport Diving World by Storm.

The O2EII comes with a three year graded sensor warranty and a three year warranty on electronics. The O2EII offers its users a long and trouble free life.

RRP CY £ 190.00 including VAT / RRP € 334.00 including VAT

The ANALOX ATA is a true Trimix Analyzer. It displays accurate readings of Helium, Oxygen and the balance gas.

This Analyzer is the result of a two year collaboration with Trimix Divers, ensuring that the product meets your needs. A "MUST" for any serious Trimix Diver.

RRP CY £ 615.00 including VAT / RRP € 1080.00 including VAT

The Hygro-Thermometer is an essential tool for any reliable Nitrox or Trimix Analyzes measuring Temperature and Humidity. In a clear display it shows temperature in C or F. Desktop or wall mountable with a magnet on the back:

Measuring Range: -50C to 70C / Humidity 20% to 99% / Accuracy +/-2C / Display Resolution 0.1 / Display Reading Update every 5 Seconds

RRP CY £ 20.00 including VAT / RRP € 35.00 including VAT


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