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Go to places beyond where all the other divers go!!!
The only diving centre in Paphos Cyprus offering the full range of PADI/DSAT technical diving courses from try dives with a technical rig-the twinset, three level of technical diving courses to the highest PADI/DSAT instructor levels.
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First Aid & Oxygen Training

First Aid Training appropriate to all industries
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PADI Materials
Affordable and Convenient PADI Materials
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We supply high quality diving equipment and clothing
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Fineglobe Ltd is a company delivering top quality service and support programs to the diving industry on many different levels.
The vast experience of the company in the field of scuba diving and its related industries provides value and quality to all its customers, including expertise in the optimisation of the use of PADI Educational Materials in the dive industry.
Delivering PADI Instructor and Career Development Programs at their finest is what we are well known throughout the industry for.
Business Management and Consultation facilitates profitable growth and success. Provision of professional and well trained staff is our aim.
Fineglobe provides training in First Aid programs to all industries to facilitate the constant safety of employees and customers.
We offer outstanding diving trips to exotic destinations such as Kenya, Truk Lagoon and Bikini.
Fineglobe's infrastructure and strategic position in Cyprus enables an effective top quality service to nearby countries such as Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, the Middle East.
To enrol in the 'PADI Tec Rec' technical diving courses you must understand the requirements and the additional risk you are taking by learning and doing such dives. However it is well worth the additional investment for the necessary equipment and training, to go beyond the depth all the other divers dive to.

There are various levels to start your education to become a technical diver.

Tec40, Tec45 & Tec50 are now available with TecTrimix65 & TecTrimixDiver coming soon.

All courses cost  €325.00 Includes tuition, twin sets, stage tanks, weights and gases.

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Understanding the business of the diving industry and all related entities is a major advantage for dive professionals enabling them to become an immediately effective member of an instructional team.
Hiring well trained, professional dive masters and instructors can be a difficult and costly task. Fineglobe holds the personal information of many dive professionals which are working fulltime in the diving industry.
Outlining your preferences for your company such as instructor level, language requirements and anything else specific to your needs will result in the selection of the appropriate CV information. All the CV's held at Fineglobe are either known professionally from previous assignments or have been trained by Fineglobe's Course Director.
This service provides value and incentive to the dive centres or resorts as well as the dive professionals in choosing the right instructor from a selection of suitable individuals.
First Aid is a very important issues at home and in public places. More people trained in basic First Aid will make our homes and public places much safer.

Fineglobe is offering the most up-to-date Emergency First Aid training in the industry.
Fineglobe Ltd is a company dedicated to providing outstanding quality in Emergency First Aid Programs. First Aid training has become vital in our day-to-day life and many lives have been saved because of the First Aid provided by friends, family, fellow workers or members of the public.
Recent articles in the press in the UK and elsewhere in the EU, about the level and quality of training of staff has not gone unnoticed and holidaymakers are looking into these issues before choosing a holiday company.
By working together with the tourist industry it is possible to have well trained First Aiders on staff backed up by a working emergency assistance plan to ensure the best possible care in case of an emergency.
An intact emergency plan and readily available First Aid is a key issue in people choosing your product.
Fineglobe has extensive experience in providing a First Aid Program for your company as well as a sophisticated emergency plan specifically tailored to you and your working environment.
For questions regarding the best program for your company call us on +357-99089784 or send us an email to

Last night I needed the EFR skills that I learned from you. A good friend had a seizure, and stopped breathing. Luckily the paramedics arrived very fast, but without rescue breaths my friend would almost surely have died. It still was a very narrow escape, but everything is stable now.

I am extremely happy with the EFR instructor training. The step-by-step approach worked, and obviously either her life was saved, or at the very least brain-damage was prevented.

So, your EFR-instructor training is now by far the most important of my skills!!

EFR Instructor in Holland
Fineglobe DS Ltd provides for the requirements of highly trained diving professionals and therefore is committed in providing only the best to the Instructor Development process and all other Leadership Programs.
PADI IDCs - Schedule
Coral Bay Divers IDCs - Schedule
Crest Diving Centre IDCs - Schedule
Black Rock Diving Centre IDCs - Schedule
Dive Club Dahab IDCs - Schedule
Dive In IDCs - Schedule
Absolute Scuba IDCs - Schedule
Coral Bay Divers
As a PADI 5 Star IDC Centre, Coral Bay Divers offers the full range of PADI career development programs. Understanding the PADI System as well as the needs of the diving industry for true dive professionals makes Coral Bay Divers your choice for a head start in the exciting world of diving.
Our Instructor Development Courses are run over a period of nine days to ensure comfortable timing of all subjects. The IDC is conducted in a state of the art classroom providing a stress free and conducive learning environment.
We are based in the luxury resort of Coral Bay in Cyprus, with excellent local facilities.
For more information visit us online at
Crest Diving Centre
Here at Crest we have two priorities your safety and enjoyment.
As a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center we are proud to offer a high standard of training, from beginner to professional, in an enjoyable environment with excellent facilities, equipment, and amenities.
We are based at the privately owned St Raphael Marina, with two beautiful sandy beaches, offering water sports, sun beds and restaurant facilities. This sets the stage for the best Career Development programs.
Crest is offering brilliant internships right up to the famous PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor rating.
Come and enjoy your professional development with the top PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre in Limassol - Cyprus.
Black Rock Diving Centre
Black Rock is the only PADI dive centre in Pissouri.
Situated halfway between Paphos and Limassol and within easy reach of the eastern end of the island, Black Rock is ideally placed to give access to all the best dive sites in Cyprus.
Black Rock offers Red Sea Dive Trips, Dive Packages for beginner to advanced and equipment sales.
Black Rock is the dive centre of choice for the UN Adventure Training Wing.
Blue Dolphin Diving Centre
Blue Dolphin Diving Centre is a PADI Gold Palm Instructor Development Centre based in Kyrenia in Northern Cyprus.
Established in 1999 and situated at the beach of the famous Jasmine Court Hotel, it is located 1 km west of the town of Kyrenia.
Kyrenia offers a wide choice of places to go, with its picturesque harbor and a large variety of restaurants and bars Kyrenia sets the ideal environment for your stay.
The inviting crystal clear waters of the Eastern Mediterranean compliment the experience during your Career Development Programs.
Club Dahab Diving
Club Dahab Dive Club,is a PADI 5 Star Gold Palm Instructor Development Centre, located in the South Sinai in Egypt offers spectacular scenery.
We are pleased to offer world class PADI diving from our dedicated PADI Gold Palm Instructor Development Centre.
Our fully qualified and highly experienced diving instructors run the full range of PADI courses and offer daily guided dives.
The Club Dahab approach ensures you the best access to this incredible activity in a highly professional and experienced fashion.
Pro Dive Mexico
The IDC will be held in Cozumel (one of the worlds best dive destinations) at Play Azul Hotel
Cost is US$2400 which includes the IDC plus EFR, all PADI materials and fees, accommodations, breakfast plus dinner. There are no additional costs (excluding any additional courses) - this is an ALL INCLUSIVE price.
You can use also our website: Pro Dive Mexico
PADI Pro Careers Courses
As at November 2005
PADI Dive Master Course Course Intro Required Materials
PADI Instructor Development Course Course Intro Required Materials
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Course Intro Required Materials
PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course Intro Required Materials
PADI Course Director Course Intro Required Materials
Course Durations View
Fineglobe's IDCs are conducted in only the best and most respected PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centers, providing the best possible facilities to ensure a conducive and professional learning experience.
All PADI Leadership and Instructor Development programs are taught by a highly experienced multilingual Course Director.
Fineglobe organises PADI Instructor Development Programs to the highest industry standards preparing candidates not only to become professional diving instructors but also preparing them to interact with the diving industry.
All the courses are taught with the latest teaching aids such as computers, projectors and all available PADI materials. This allows candidates to focus and prepare on all the relevant subjects in a stress-free environment.
Practicing with the latest teaching methodology in Knowledge Development, Confined and Open Water makes it easy to become a PADI Instructor.
All our IDC Candidates are invited to participate in the IDC Prep. Program. Start by working together with experienced Instructors in preparation for your IDC, participating in a variety of Sales and Promotion programs, skill and knowledge development workshops.
Jurg receives his award for Oustanding Contributions to the Dive Industry from PADI Jurg Dahler is 39 and was born in Switzerland. Since the early 90s Jurg has worked as a diving instructor full time. For the last 12 years this has taken him to many destinations such as Kenya, Mexico, the Caribbean, Maldives, Switzerland, United Kingdom, the Red Sea and Cyprus giving him vast knowledge and experience. Jurg has been a PADI Course Director since March 2002. For the last 8 years he has been managing diving centers all over Europe including one of the biggest PADI Career Development Centers in Europe.
With 6 IDCs per year he is up-to-date with the latest training agency standards. He is a true role-model and his enthusiasm and excitement for the protection of the underwater world is renowned in the industry.
Jurg ensures that candidates will get a head start in the exciting diving world having been trained by one of its most experienced and respected PADI Course Directors.
PADI Materials are an integral part to any dive professional, diving centre and resort.
They ensure quality diving programs for customers enabling them to get the best out of their training in becoming efficient and confident divers at all levels. Fineglobe provides an easy and attractive way to get the PADI Materials into your diving centre. Fineglobe distributes a full range of PADI Educational Materials. Stocking most available PADI Materials for Divers and Dive professionals to ensure top quality service and support in getting these materials to you conveniently.
No minimum orders required and hassle free delivery of the materials you really need, at the time you need them.
Pro Diving Equipment Distribution from Fineglobe

Fineglobe stocks and distributes Pro Diving Equipment from some leading manufacturers direct to the diving industry.
Retailers can order there equipment at the most competitive prices around.

We stock:
Analox - View Catalog

We will shortly be offering a downloadable catalogue for each of the manufacturers above and offering an online ordering process.

In the mean time please contact us to order any equipment or clothing from the above manufacturers.
Order by email:
Contact Us Form     Use the contact form for a guaranteed response.

For any enquiries or further information please contact

Call us on +357 99089784

We are happy to respond to any enquiries regarding any area of Fineglobe's business so please get in touch.
Emergency First Response Training

All the Emergency First Response programs meet the First Aid @ Work requirements and can be applied and adapted to any industry and environment.
Programs for the basic EFR providers right up to all EFR Instructor levels makes these courses the best choice for homes and businesses.
DAN (Divers Alert Network) Training

Divers Alert Network DAN is a not for profit organisation and provides expert information and advice for the benefit of the diving public.
DAN provides comprehensive training which is educationally valid and consistent with the current literature. DAN is developing programmes and materials which complement currently and available dive safety training throughout the diving community.
This fosters cooperative efforts in terms of diving safety with world-wide diving and medical community.
DAN (Divers Alert Network) Training

FineGlobe is a DAN GOLD Point and offers all DAN Programs at the Provider and Instructor level. The best way to describe a DAN Point is by looking at it as a service centre. It is a place where divers can ask for information concerning DAN, to apply for a DAN Europe membership or to seek DAN Training.
Staff members of these "DAN Points" will be trained for the different DAN First Aid courses, so divers know that a DAN Point can take care of them in critical situations. "DAN Points" will have at least one Oxygen Unit and First Aid kit available for emergencies.
"DAN points" also sell DAN Europe materials and DAN Instructors and Trainers will be able to purchase DAN Educational Materials. DAN points might even have a rental service for Oxygen and AED Units.
"DAN Points" are important partners in Diving Safety, as they represent DAN First Aid Education, availability of DAN's First Aid materials, DAN membership information, and occasionally DAN's Diving Research. This service for divers, DAN Instructors and DAN Instructor Trainers helps in increasing dive safety.
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